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Randy Kaplan

                      Randy Kaplan  


                             Flag of the United States.svg




Member of WLAS: since 2016


Date of Birth: 1966

Place of Birth: New York-Queens, USA

Residence: New York-Long Island, USA

Education: masters degree in communication arts

        bachelors degree in liberal arts

Profession: government affairs specialist for a trade association

Contact details: Randykaplan@thekaplancollection.com


Hobbies: collecting world leaders autographs on baseballs, politics, sports, concerts, movies, browsing used book stores, astronomy, history and life´s mysteries (ancient alien, ufo´s, ghosts, etc.)

Collecting of autographs: since 1996

Some photos from Randy´s life

Some pieces from Randy´s collection

Bill Clinton, USA - Jimmy Carter+George Bush Sr.+Bill Clinton+George Bush Jr.+Barack Obama, USA - Pope Francis - Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan